JayDaYoungan Grandfather Talks About The Details Of His Murder

JAYDAYOUNGAN Grandfather speaks what cause the death of the rapper and how it happened!
JayDaYoungan's grandfather reveals the sh**ter came from behind the house.

JayDaYoungan's grandfather stated that he heard that someone came from behind the house whit a ski mask g**ned him down in broad daylight.

JayDaYoungan's tragic m*rder has shocked his loved ones, and the news of the tragedy is still being discussed in Hip Hop circles. According to reports, the 24-year-old rapper and his father, Kenyatta Scott, were ambushed by an assailant outside of their Louisiana home. Both men were sh*t, but while the father survived, Jay died as a result of his injuries at a nearby hospital.

Several rumors about the sh**ting have circulated online, including speculation about a motive, and amid the ongoing discussions, JayDaYoungan's grandfather, L.C. Jefferson, has spoken out about losing his grandson to violence.

"There will be no stone left unturned until we find out who took him," said Jefferson. "This is only what I hear. Someone came from behind the house with a ski mask on and gunned him down. In broad daylight, on a busy road. People have gotten so comfortable to where they think they can sh**t someone down and not be caught."

"I remember when he first started his music. I remember him sitting out here, two and three in the morning with his cousin. Writing music. It is sad that at his young age, just getting stuff right and he had to be taken away," Jefferson said.

Authorities also stated that there were a series of sh**tings in the area that evening, and they believe the incidents were all connected. Police have asked the public for assistance in identifying the person or persons responsible, but as expected, information is being kept close to the vest. They have stated that they have "a few suspects," but no motive has been provided.

"Looking at him. The way he makes his music and where he comes from. It gives other people hope. His music gave him hope. But it's gone now," said the grieving grandfather.