EXCLUSIVE: NBA YoungBoy Was Reportedly Caught Using Fake Urine For Drug Test

 NBA YoungBoy allegedly used a device to provide a clean urine sample, but a probation officer caught him in the act.


NBA YoungBoy reportedly utilized a gadget to deliver a clean urine sample, but he was caught in the act by a probation officer. The United States Attorney's Office also accused YoungBoy of going to a recording studio without authorization from a probation officer, and they feel that these infractions should put him on home arrest.

NBA YoungBoy attempted to pass off a clean urine sample as his own, according to court records acquired by AllHipHop. When he produced a real sample, the 22-year-old rapper tested positive for THC.

NBA YoungBoy allegedly offered many reasons for failing to appear for a dr*g test demanded by a probation officer in late July. He ultimately reported for testing, but on July 26 he was caught falsifying his urine sample.

“During the screen, the observing officer noticed a device was being used to allow the urine into the testing cup,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana said. “When questioned, the defendant pulled up his pants quickly. The defendant denied using a device and would not comply with the officer’s attempts to view the device. The defendant was informed that the test would be negated, and a second sample would be required. After the request, the defendant was allowed to get water. The defendant was instructed to remain in the lobby and not leave for any reason; however, the defendant left the office without permission prior to providing a second sample.”

NBA YoungBoy admits to vaping a day after the event. He tested positive for THC, which violated the terms of his pretrial release.

“On July 27, 2022, the defendant reported to the probation office with his attorney,” U.S. Attorneys said. “The defendant provided a urine sample which returned positive for THC. Upon questioning from the USPO, the defendant reported he had been using a CBD vape pen for the entirety of his pretrial supervision. The defendant reported he took an at-home dr*g screen the prior week which showed he was positive, and he panicked about doing the dr*g screen. The defendant denied attempting to use a device to pass the dr*g screen.”

The U.S. att office believes YB should be kept on house arrest.