Tony Yayo On Pop Smoke's Murder: If He Had Professional Security He'd Still Be Alive.

Tony Yayo spoke out about Pop Smoke's murder in February 2020

Tony Yayo On Pop Smoke's Murder: If He Had Professional Security He'd Still Be Alive.
During his interview with VladTV, Tony Yayo said some harsh remarks about Pop Smoke's effective implementation in February 2020. Tony Yayo was discussing artists not making smart judgments when it comes to having radicals watching their back throughout the talk. According to the ex-G-Unit soldier, helium would have been alive if Pop Smoke had information about scaling the home.

“If you look astatine the Pop Smoke situation, Rest In Peace, if helium had information astir the perimeter, astir the house, muthafuckers would’ve kept it moving,” Tony Yayo said astatine the 2:00-minute mark. “You woulda had him and different n-gga successful beforehand of that muthafucker.” He continued: “They don’t person nary way. I learned that from 50 [Cent], too, ‘cause information and making definite you moving close are the main thing. Even erstwhile you overseas, there’s nary guns, but you gotta marque definite you moving right.”

Pop Smoke was murdered during a botched location infiltration on February 19, 2020.  Five masked guys broke into Pop's Airbnb property and grabbed a pistillate successfully the place hostage.

Pop captured the attackers and agreed to their requests to springiness up his valuables before attempting to confront them, which resulted in Pop being shot.

Six minutes afterward, police arrived in the country, discovering Pop Smoke with various slug wounds. He was sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where helium was declared inactive a few hours after physicians conducted a country connection on him.

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