Lil Tjay Childhood, Family, Biography, & More


Lil Tjay Childhood, Family, Biography, Awards & More

Tione Merritt, is known professionally by his nickname 'Lil TJAY '. Lil Tjay is an American rap artist/rapper. TJAY was raised in New York, not far from the cradle of hip hop. His knowledge of the genre's history, 

On the other hand, is limited. TJAY had a difficult childhood, spending much of his time getting into mischief and fighting with other boys. He also engaged in small robberies. In 2016, he was sentenced to a year in a New York adolescent prison center for robbery. TJAY began visiting recording studios after his debut in 2017.

He'd earlier composed a few tracks on his own instruments. He recorded 'Resume' on his first visit to the studio. It received favorable feedback, resulting in the publication of further tunes and a record deal with Columbia Records. 

TJAY released his debut extended play, 'No Comparison,' in December 2018. TJAY is currently working on his debut studio album, according to an interview published on 'Pitchfork.'

Rise to Fame : 

When TJAY was still breaking into fights and robbing individuals, he produced a few songs in a typical hip-hop manner on his computer and phone. On his first day in a studio, he recalled performing Usher and Michael Jackson songs as his mother played the piano. 

On a whim, he began singing his words and later recorded 'Resume,' an anti-love song. The music video for the song was released in January 2018. It didn't take long for the song to become popular.

 He eventually stopped wandering the streets all the time. He had no strategy and no education. He began penning lyrics in his room, shutting off the rest of the world.

He collaborated with Lil Tut on the song 'Don't Gotta Explain' in 2017. On Valentine's Day 2018, he released the music Ride for You,' which quickly became popular, gathering millions of SoundCloud streams. In July of that year, he released a new song called 'Brothers.' 

That same year, he released 'Long Time,' 'Goat,' 'Leaked,' 'New Flex,' and 'None of Your Love.' CashMoneyAP produced the final tune. TJAY has also collaborated with artists like Asian Doll, Jay Guapo, and TJ Porter in recent months.

To assure the stability of his unexpected success, the young rapper adopts an inventive method. He maintains a close eye on SoundCloud and Instagram trends and only releases a new tune after the previous ones have essentially plateaued.

Record producers were quick to respond to TIJAY's rising fame. It finally drove him to engage a lawyer to supervise the commercial aspect of his music. He secured a recording contract with Columbia Records in 2018. 

He released his debut EP, 'No Comparison,' in December. He also intends to release his first studio album in the near future.

Family & Personal Life :

Lil TJAY was born in The Bronx, New York, the USA on April 30, 2001. He grew up with his two younger brothers not far from hip hop's beginnings. Despite this, TJAY knows very little about the history of his genre. He and his brothers shared a large apartment on 183rd Street in The Bronx with their mother.

TJAY has indicated in various interviews that he is the family's problem kid. He began fighting with other males in his neighborhood and school while he was in middle school. He even engaged in minor thefts. His mother was astonished, he said when she discovered what he had been up to when he wasn't at home. At home, he appeared to be a pretty well-behaved youngster. When he felt the desire to curse someone, he would first leave the home and then do it.

He was arrested for robbery in 2016 at the age of 15 and spent a year in a youth correctional center in New York. While he had become accustomed to spending two or three months in prison throughout his middle school years, the year-long sentence pushed him to reassess his life choices. During his time in the center, he began writing lyrics and resolved to live a life free of crime.

He was discharged from the center sometime in 2017. His mother immediately urged him to promise her that he would change his ways. He did, but he knew it was false. He was still "trapped in his old patterns" despite his efforts to put his former activities behind him. The turning point occurred when he began visiting recording studios.

TJAY said in an interview with 'Pitchfork' that he had never been in a relationship. He had affection for several females throughout the years, but he never committed. He also acknowledged having feelings for a non-celebrity female from his neighborhood.