Rapper Fetty Wap Jailed After Arrest For Threatening Facetime call

Fetty Wap Arrested for Death Threat and Pointing Gun During FaceTime Call 

Fetty Wap Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Someone on a FaceTime Call...

 Fetty Wap was arrested on Monday (August 8) after breaking the terms of his pre-trial parole by threatening to kill himself during a FaceTime contact in December 2021.

According to sources, Fetty Wap—real name Willie Junior Maxwell II—was arrested early Monday morning in New Jersey for his participation in a FaceTime discussion in December 2021 in which he reportedly threatened to murder another guy known as "John Doe."

According to the arrest warrant document, video footage from the FaceTime chat showed the "Trap Queen" rapper holding a pistol and threatening to murder the individual he referred to as a "rat." Fetty is reported to have pointed the pistol towards the camera and screamed, "Imma kill you and everybody you with," before repeating himself and telling the man, "I'm gonna kill you."

Because the terms of his release and New Jersey state law were breached, Magistrate Judge Steven Locke revoked Fetty's $500,000 bail and sent him to jail, where he will await his trial in Central Islip Federal Court.

Fetty has been arrested on federal narcotics allegations of conspiracy to distribute and possess dangerous drugs on October 29, just before he was supposed to play at Rolling Loud New York, which could land him a life sentence if he is proven guilty on all charges.

From June 2019 to June 2020, the rapper and those detained are suspected of procuring and trafficking 100 kilos of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine.

Fetty was identified by authorities as a "kilogram-level redistributor for the trafficking group." Two persons named in the case have entered guilty pleas, one of whom faces ten years in jail and the other five.

Fetty Wap has been attempting to maintain a quiet profile after his arrest at Rolling Loud NY. He has, however, gotten himself into some intriguing situations, like hitting a lady across the face after being doused with water at a festival and confronting a social media comic who attempted to play a joke on him.
Fetty Wap Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Someone on a FaceTime Call...