After NLE CHOPPA Break Up With His Girlfriend He Revealed That He Cant Cheat In Peace

famous Rapper NLE Choppa says he broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn’t let him cheat in peace

NLE Choppa officially ended his relationship with Instagram model and influencer Marissa DaNae, and she was not satisfied. She shared this video on her Instagram account, along with a heartfelt note about how the split has affected her.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa announced on Twitter earlier this week that he is presently alone after dating DaNae since last year. A few days after the rapper's letter went viral, his ex-girlfriend posted an emotional video in which she spoke about the end of their relationship, which allegedly occurred last week. DaNae, a 26-year-old model and influencer, met the 19-year-old rapper in 2021 and has been romantically involved with him since. Choppa turned to social media after her heartfelt video went viral to address their split. 

NLE Choppa responded in a 37-minute video to reports on websites that the split was because he wants to "cheat in peace." In the video, he praises DaNae as the "sweetest, nicest person" and admits that it was the "greatest relationship" he has ever had. Unfortunately, he stated that he wasn't ready to commit to her in that way. In addition to wishing her well, he asked followers to "be kind to her heart" as they both attempted to move on.

Watch the following YouTube video:

Following the posting of the video, NLE Choppa posted the following messages on his Twitter account:

Marissa has also added a statement to her account, thanking everyone for their kind thoughts and support at this trying time in her life.

After NLE CHOPPA Break Up With His Girlfriend He Revealed That He Cant Cheat In Peace