Eminem's Manager Says He Feared That Em Had Brain Damage After Overdosing

Manager Paul Rosenberg has some fears that Slim Shady might have suffered brain damage after the 2007 incident

Eminem's Manager Says He Feared That Em Had Brain Damage After Overdosing

Eminem opens up about his preceding drug addiction difficulties. Talking on Paul Rosenberg's podcast, the rapper finally opened up about his near-fatal overdose 15 years ago, saying that it "took a long time for my brain to start working again, you literally were coming off of an overdose, and they had to sort of stabilizing you with a few medications," said Rosenberg, who previously managed Eminem and was with him at the height of the musician's addiction. "Let's just admit that some of them took you a minute to adjust to. So you're literally learning to rap again, right? Because it's the first time, maybe, you were producing without having chemicals in your body in however many years, right?"

Eminem then discussed Rosenberg's fears about the long-term consequences of the overdose. "Didn't you ask the doctors when I first started rapping again, didn't you say, 'I just wanna make sure he doesn't have brain damage?'" Em Asked "Yeah. I thought you might have some permanent problems," Rosenberg responded. "Yeah. I was concerned, for sure."

Eminem has just been honest about his addiction, publicly celebrating his recovery on social media on a daily basis. In an interview with MTV in 2010, he also discussed his drug rehabilitation experience, admitting that he had to relearn how to rap and drive a vehicle.

"I had to learn to write and rap again, and I had to do it sober and 100 percent clean," he said. "That didn't feel good at first … I mean it in the literal sense. I actually had to learn how to say my lyrics again; how to phrase them, make them flow, how to use force so they sounded like I meant them." Eminem stated that becoming sober made him feel like a "kid again."

"Everything was new. Not to sound corny, I felt like I was born again. I had to learn my writing skills," he said. "I was relearning how to rap. I didn't know if my MC skills were intact. But everything was fun and suddenly I started feeling happy. I hadn't felt happy for a long time."