Es$o Wrld On His Road To Success In The Music Industry: Exclusive Interview On WhatsOnRap


Get To Know ESSO WRLD With WhatsOnRap: Exclusive Interview
ESSO WRLD was Born in the Bronx and lived in Queens' South Jamaica. His real name is Randall Parker. He grew up with 50 cent. Esso wrld has twin sisters, including one who died ten years ago. His parents are still alive and very well. In his youth, he was a basketball and baseball player with excellent grades in high school. 

Esso attended A Philip Randolph High School in Harlem, New York, then  Went to Morgan State University in Baltimore and graduated. He has one daughter and he is already married.  Esso wrld used to manage famous producer Rockwilder for 10 years and DJ Clue is one of his best buddies he has worked with as a manager. Meanwhile, he works as an independent digital marketer for 300 Ent.

ESSO WRLD is a Cultural Influencer, Celebrity Music Manager, and Entertainment Executive. At a very young age, he began promoting parties, concerts, and events alongside JayZ, Fabolous, Diddy, and DJ Clue. Following college, he accepted a management role with Cory Rooney Entertainment, where he oversaw producers Loren Dawson and Troy Oliver on projects with JLO, Ginuwine, Jessica Simpson, and Marc Anthony.

Get To Know ESSO WRLD With WhatsOnRap: Exclusive interview

WhatsOnRap During this exclusive interview had the opportunity to ask ESSO WRLD about many things that were uncleared to his fans and public, concerning his goals, career, and many more. Read the full interview below.

  • What are some of your qualifications as a music manager?

To be a manager. You must be hungry & willing to learn. U must be able to put in long hours of work. You must always be on point and understand no one cares about excuses.

  • How would you help an artist develop their brand?

To help an artist, you must help in focus & make sure he knows what he is good at and makw him or her to do lot of it. Whatever it may be …..

  • What makes you stand out from other music managers?

I don’t manage anymore but when I did, it was my knowledge of music & the business. That’s rare. And my ability to solve problems fast. I have a lot of relationships based on trust.

  • Describe your strategy for helping an artist stay motivated and on track with their music career?

There is no strategy for that. To me, in my mind, they have to want it and be hungry for success. That would naturally keep them on track.

  • What is your process for finding new opportunities for your clients?

Process? I just put in the work. People look for this scientific method, there isn’t one. Put in work and when the opportunities present themselves, your team should discuss them and make the best decisions for everyone. It’s simple ….

  • If an artist is having trouble with their vocals, how would you help them?

As a manager. It’s not my job too. The vocal producer or actual beat writer for the record would do so. If they can’t make the song come alive, we will look to hire and pay someone else who can

  • What would you do if an artist you were managing started to use drugs or alcohol on stage?

Drugs or alcohol on stage? Alcohol is sometimes a part of the set. People drink. Drugs? The only thing I tolerate around me is marijuana. And that’s legal in most places now & everyone smoke weed, including me. So I’m cool with that

  • How well do you know the legal aspects of the music industry?

I have good knowledge on legal stuff, but that’s why you hire a lawyer. That his job, not your manager’s job

  • Who is you're favorite rapper right now?

My favorite rapper right now is EST Gee

  • Do you have experience managing social media accounts for musicians?

I never managed social media accounts. That’s out my realm. I only manage mine.

  •  When is the right time to start looking for a recording contract for an artist?

When is the right time? A contract is all about language. If the deal is good, sign it. But make sure you at least have your town lawyer that no one gave you. You pick that yourself. 

  • Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started 

I got started throwing parties my freshmen year at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Then I started managing DJs & the rest was history. 

  • What inspired you to become an influencer 

Nothing really inspired me to influence. It kinda just happened through hard work, knowledge of the business & relationships that trust me. 

  • What’s been the most exciting event/moment you’ve experienced since becoming an influencer

Hmmmm. My most exciting moment, I would say was working with Destiny Child while I managed Rockwilder and my songwriters Big Drawz. 

  • How do you manage your time between work and life? Tell me more about the struggles you’ve faced 

I’ve been a manager in the music business for a reall long time now. I’m an expert at managing time and balancing life for others, now I do it for myself.   🤣

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