Fat Joe Says "Rob 'Em, Not Kill 'Em" As He Condemns PnB Rock's Death

Fat Joe Says "Rob 'Em, Not Kill 'Em" As He Condemns PnB Rock's Death

Fat Joe appeared on Charlamagne Tha God's Comedy Central show "Hell of a Week" on Thursday (Sept. 15) and discussed his thoughts on PnB Rock's horrific death, declaring he has nothing against the rapper getting robbed, but the killer shouldn't have taken his life.

“The young brother was supporting Black-owned businesses, going to the Roscoe’s Chicken with his wife and his kid,” said Fat Joe. “And so we got all these deflections of, ‘Oh, but his wife posted the chicken? Oh, he’s not supposed to wear jewelry?’ How about we not supposed to kill each other?”

“I used to stick people up. I used to rob people. I’m being honest. I’m not trying to front for y’all,” Fat Joe continued. “I’m not against them robbing him. Caught ’em, rob em. Why you gotta kill him? And that’s what bothers me. And not only destroy that family, but what about the other families that are sitting in Roscoe’s and they see somebody get their brains blown out in front of them? You destroyed a whole village with one shot.”

He then explained, “So, my thing is, when you go to L.A., they got a rule called ‘check in’ or something, right? Why don’t the check-ins check in ahead of time? You know when you go in your hotel, the key’s already ready? Why don’t the OGs tell ’em, ‘Hey, rob ’em, don’t kill ’em.’ And why do we hate us? Why are we not happy about people that come from where we come from being successful? Why do we want to kill them?”

PnB Rock was attacked and murdered during an attempted theft last Monday while eating at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles, as previously reported (Sept. 12). A masked shooter entered the eatery and demanded stuff from the rapper, according to authorities. After a verbal exchange, PnB Rock was shot several times before the gunman took the items. Detectives are still looking for the suspect, who fled the scene in another person's vehicle.