PnB Rock’s alleged killer has been arrested and is only 17 years old

PnB Rock’s alleged killer has been arrested and is only 17 years old

Just over two weeks after the terrible death of one of hip-most hop's famous SoundCloud era artists, it appears that law enforcement has identified and caught the murderer.

Although PnB Rock had been laid to rest and his streams had witnessed a large increase in DSPs, LAPD was still looking for suspects in the 30-year-murder. old's However, they think they have discovered their man on Wednesday (Sept. 28).

According to TMZ, the 17-year-old son of a man named Freddie Lee Trone was arrested in relation with PnB Rock's murder. The adolescent is suspected of not only robbing PnB of his jewels inside the Roscoe's Chicken N' Waffles restaurant in Los Angeles, but also of shooting and killing Rock.

He then jumped into the getaway car, which was being driven by his father Trone, who has yet to be caught for his role. TMZ also alleged that the father-son combo were already parked at the restaurant in the getaway car before PnB Rock and his girlfriend arrived, removing any possibility that PnB's partner broadcasting her whereabouts on Instagram caused his death.

The murder suspect's identity has not been revealed, most likely because he is a kid, but the LAPD has released a photo of Freddie Lee Trone in the hopes of receiving information about his location. He is still on the run at the moment.

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