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Why is Drake the most influential artist of his generation
Drake has indefinitely altered the course of music. As simple as that. He brings a new breed of young men, one that the music industry and the rest of the world had not seen before. One who is open about his mistakes. and one who talks about women with dignity. One who is aware of his own brilliance. 

Drake embodies this generation. The Canadian rapper/singer has been at the top of his game for a long time, fusing pop and rap music and creating a new breed of the artist in the process. 

Rappers are no longer solely concerned with drugs and guns. These days, we have rap artists like Drake with catchy lyrics "Someone else got your nickname. I know you're seeing someone who cares about you, but I don't want you to see anyone else." It's not Straight Outta Compton. That's not to disparage the style of music of gangster rap, but it is also the reason for Drake's enormous success. 

People prefer to listen to music that they can relate to, and because the vast majority of the world has not been imprisoned, artists like Drake are far more relatable. After all, who among us hasn't experienced relationship difficulties? Or who hasn't experienced a lack of confidence at some point in their lives? They say to talk about what you know, and Drake has done just that. 

Rap music is associated with toughness, or "maleness." Drake ended up throwing this stereotype out the door. Many of his detractors have labeled him "soft" due to the obvious way he expresses his emotions and the honesty with which he does so. Was an all-common feeling for young men these days, which is why artists like Drake are so important. It is NOT unusual for a young man to express his feelings. It is not liable. It's perfectly normal. Not only has Drake made it acceptable. He kept it cool. If Drake can say them, "I needed to hear that, I despise it when you're submissive. When we text, I notice a passive-aggressive tone "So why can't everyone do it? 

Why is Drake the most influential artist of his generation
And besides, whether the same guy who preaches about just how isolated he can be is the very same guy who has millions and millions of beautiful women swooning over him and wins an award even by dozen, it might lead younger men to believe that being openly comfortable with their emotions is the way to go. 

Drake also releases music in an unusual manner, as he keeps the majority of his music on YouTube. He occasionally uploads his biggest hits to YouTube, but he prefers to keep them on Spotify. For some, this is just an annoyance because it forces them to listen to endless Conor Maynard covers until they pay the five euros per month for Spotify, but from a business standpoint, it's brilliant.

His song One Dance has been the most listened to record and track on Spotify in 2016, and his album Views was the most listened to album of the year as well. He has since released his mixtape More Life, which is currently the most listened to album of 2017. There appears to be a trend here: when Drake releases music, everyone listens to it. 

Drake is well aware of the situation. Although he is open about his feelings and is always willing to accept his flaws, he also knows how good he is, which is another important component of the society that he represents. Gyalchester is a song written by the man himself. "I know I said I'm top five, but I'm top two... And I'm not  two." It's difficult to argue with the man, whether cocky or confident.

This generation, like our favorite Canadian, is not flawless. The most serious criticism leveled at this generation of young people is that they are too arrogant. Too well deserved. And this could be said of Drizzy. Any man who can call himself "the best ever, don't ever question, you know better" must be considered arrogant. He is clearly at the pinnacle of music. In terms of attitude, he has clearly had a positive impact on young people. He is dependable. Above all, he embodies this generation more than any other artist on the planet.

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