Kanye West Plans To Build His Own Mini-City Called “Yecosystem” - WhatsOnRap

Kanye West plans to build his own small universe called “Yecosystem”

Kanye West's "Yecosystem" is coming true.  Despite the recent drama and outrage, Kanye is pushing on with plans to develop his own mini-city. 

Ye's grand plans have apparently been in the works for some years. Yecosystem-branded homes and retail stores selling Yecosystem-branded food and beverages would be part of the self-sustaining enterprise. 

Plans are already in place to open the first campus as early as next month, followed by the construction of additional mini-communities across the country.

According to a source, West's goal is similar to that of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, and he wants to develop something that will change the world.

West's team has made an application for the Yecosystem website, although the name might change. Trademarks for Yzyverse, Yxyverse, and Yeezyverse have also been submitted.

According to the documents filed, West intends to house a variety of offerings under his Yecosystem, including a movie, television, and radio production company, in addition to an online media site featuring "information on a recording artist in the fields of beauty, fashion, modeling, acting, music, [and] the arts." In addition, the Yecosystem plans to establish its own "residential structures and homes."

Ye sought to develop his own house complex on the 300 acres of property he owns in Calabasas in 2019. The dome-like prototype constructions were later demolished when neighbors objected and the project was found to be in violation of the building regulations.

The "Yecosystem" report comes as Ye deals with the aftermath of his notorious "White Lives Matter" t-shirts, anti-Semitic rants, and insults about George Floyd. Following the uproar, Balenciaga and vogue declared that it is breaking relations with the rapper and had no intentions to work with him again. His multibillion-dollar deal with Adidas is also "under investigation."