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 CardiB Says She Feels Hopeless Helping Offset Deal With Takeoff's Death

Cardi B claims she has become despondent while assisting her husband Offset with the terrible loss of their cousin and bandmate Takeoff.

Cardi B published a since-deleted voice note on Twitter on Monday (Nov. 28) about dealing with the emotional harm caused by Takeoff's d*ath in Houston earlier this month.

"I know that y'all been seeing my Insta-Stories, and y'all see Offset in and out of my Stories and everything," Cardi B started. "We living our life normally. But deep down inside our hearts have been so heavy. And I feel like if I talk about the incident, so desenstized, I feel like if we talk about how we really feel, like what muthafuckas been really going through, y'all would say, 'Sympathy. Oh, sympathy.' And we don't want no sympathy. We ain't no charity case."

She went on,  "But, no lie, I have been feeling so hopeless trying to make my husband happy, trying to make him crack a smile. Seeing him randomly cry. Seeing him trying to distract his mind. Completely fucking schedule been changing trying to keep up with work after everything he been going through for these past couple of weeks."

Cardi B ended her song with a warning. "We're not in the mood to screw around with you, d*ad-a**. I'm going to m*rder you all. Stop fooling around, "She reached a conclusion.

Takeoff was sh*t and m*rdered outside a Houston bowling alley on November 1, as previously reported. The incident was preceded by an altercation outside the private gathering, where around 40 people had assembled. The gunsh*t also injured two other persons who had non-life-threatening injuries.

Quavo was there but unharmed during the sh**t. On November 11, Takeoff was put to rest during a massive memorial ceremony at Atlanta's State Farm Arena. Offset broke his silence regarding Takeoff's d*ath on Instagram on November 15.

"Dear Take, doesn’t feel real posting you like this," Offset wrote in part in the tribute post's caption. "This still doesn’t feel like reality. I’ve been searching for the right words to say, but there aren’t any that will suffice. Until we meet again, rest in power. I love you." Takeoff's d*ath is still unsolved.