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Dr. Dre Officially Inducts Eminem Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Eminem has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with none other than Dr. Dre performing the honor.

According to Billboard, the producer entered the stage and reminisced about how he signed Em in 1998. Dre says he received a call from music executive Jimmy Iovine informing him that Eminem was white, which "completely f*cked me up." Most people attempted to dissuade him from signing the young Missouri-born rapper as none of them really saw nor believed the vision, but Dre “knew that his gifts were undeniable.” He continued, “Each of us was what the other one needed — and I was willing to bet my entire career on it.” he said.

Eminem was one of the most recognized and successful rappers in history after introducing "hip-hop to middle America." Adele, Elton John, and Rihanna all voiced their admiration for the rapper in a video montage, which was followed by a performance by the rapper himself, which included songs like "My Name Is," "Forever," and "Not Afraid," as well as special guests like Steven Tyler and Ed Sheeran.

Eminem claimed after his performance, "I'm not supposed to be here tonight." "One, I'm a rapper; two, I almost died from an overdose; and three, I really had to fight my way through… I’m a high school dropout with a hip-hop education.”

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