Jeleel! Teams Up With Denzel Curry On New Single "Shots" - WhatsOnRap

JELEEL! & Denzel Curry "SHOTS!"

JELEEL!, best known for his backflipping abilities, has demonstrated that he's more than just an internet figure with a string of amazing live performances. 

JELEEL!, who is performing at Rolling Loud New York, has an infectious optimism that has thousands of young followers singing his name with exaggerated "E" noises at the end. JELEELnew !'s single "SHOTS!" drops today and adds an upgraded spin to his frenetic style, featuring Denzel Curry.

"SHOTS!" begins with an electrical guitar introduction before JELEEL! sings in an autotuned voice, channeling his love for WWE and wrestling. He chants "real raw energy" over a fast beat interrupted by static noises, energizing listeners. 

Even at lower volumes, the new single is sure to instill in fans a sense of playful, party-ready rage. "I went into the studio with the goal of making the hardest shit ever," JELEEL! explains. "I wanted to give my fans something to go crazy to."

Even as Denzel Curry is from a different period of rap than JELEEL!, the two rappers have a passion for wrestling, MMA, and anime. "Denzel is like a brother to me, and he accepted me early in my transformation," JELEEL adds! "As musicians, I'm screaming over my songs more melodically, whereas Denzel really spits his words hard, and it creates for a really intriguing contrast," he says while bouncing on the studio walls. 

Apart from being extremely happy of this song, JELEEL! would like to thank Trinidad James for also contributing to "SHOTS!"

JELEEL! is a big advocate for functioning out and most of his songs provide strong gym motivation, among other things. JELEEL! would design a "high-energy lifting workout" for "SHOTS!" that included "sled pushes, rope slams, pull ups and push-ups, even some boxing." Whatever you're doing, the rising rapper is confident that his new song "will motivate you to go harder and get it done."