Soulja Boy Slams Elon Musk’s Handling of Twitter, Says He Plans to Launch His Own Social Media Platform - WhatsOnRap

Soulja Boy isn't happy with Elon Musk's changes since he took over Twitter.

Elon Musk's massive improvements to Twitter have already upset Soulja Boy.

In a series of tweets published with his five million followers on Saturday (November 11), the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper didn't hold back his criticism of the Tesla executive's $44 billion buyout of the social networking platform.

Moreover tweeting directly at Elon Musk, Soulja Boy began his diatribe by criticizing the new Twitter Blue premium verification membership option, which was just launched under Musk's suggestion.

“Now u can just pay to be verified? Twitter has been destroyed,” Soulja Boy said first in a tweet before following up, “Bro leave Twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing.” 

He went on, basically threatening to abandon the app entirely as well as design and launch his own social networking program in the process.

“Wow… I can’t believe this. Fuck it I’m going to create my own app,” Soulja Boy said. “Bye twitter [Peace sign finger emoji] catch me on Instagram until my app launches.”

Despite Soulja Boy's Twitter boycott does not seem to have gone into effect yet, it is difficult to fathom the platform without him, given that he has been at the heart of several viral events that have been shown across millions of timelines.