Wiz Khalia Claims That He Stopped Wearing Expensive Jewlery For His Safety - WhatsOnRap

Wiz Khalifa talks why he quit putting on jewelry

With a heavy veil of horrific violence falling over Hip Hop, Wiz Khalifa has chosen not to wear excessive jewelry when out and about.

The marijuana expert recently appeared on an episode of DJ Whoo Kid's WHOO's House Podcast earlier this month, where he discussed ditching the expensive ice in favor of his own safety and the safety of those around him.

“You grow out of that shit and you place value in other things at certain points. It’s cool to have that mind frame as well or it’s cool to have the little joint too. You don’t have to have the biggest, craziest situation going on,” he said.

“And with all of these murders and shit going on, it’s inviting fucking energy that you don’t really need. And people look at you like they get excited when they see that type of shit.”

Wiz continued: “Me, I’m the type of person that thinks about my safety first. So if I could walk into a room and not excite those people who are gonna feel like that when they see those things, I’ll do you the favor because I don’t want anything to happen to you, I don’t want anything to me, so I’ma just calm down the situation for all of us. I’m gonna give us something not to look at.”

The Taylor Gong boss got a lot of attention last month when he declared that rappers who wore a lot of chains were "going outta style." “All that jewelry goin outta style,” he wrote. “N-ggas feel lame wit out it anyway. Says a lot.”

From over a decade in the center of attention, Wiz issued a warning to his fans last year that wearing that much jewelry out and about can make you a target.

Within certain Wiz Khalifa news, the Andrea Saavedra-directed visuals for his "Memory Lane" song were recently unveiled. "Memory Lane," off the Taylor Gang CEO's July album Multiverse, is produced by Hitmaka, Bankroll Got It, Jae Roc, Kenneth Wright, and Saxl Rose. As the title indicates, the song finds Wiz musing on memories of a prior love relationship.