Young Dolph Murder Suspect Releases Song ‘No Statements’ From Jail - WhatsOnRap

The Rapper #StraightDrop who's a suspect In #YoungDolphs murder, drops a song on the eve of the one-year anniversarv of the Memphis Star Death

On the one-year anniversary of Memphis rap star Young Dolph's death, a new song takes listeners inside the mind of one of his accused killers, Justin Johnson.

Johnson, whose rap name is "Straight Drop," released a song titled "No Statements" on YouTube last Thursday. According to the artwork, the song was recorded over the phone from inside 201 Poplar and included the words "Say I'm a rapper, the state claims I'm a paid murderer."

The song was released on the same day Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy announced the indictment of a third murder suspect, Hernandez Govan, 43, for ordering the hit on Young Dolph.

Johnson and Cornelius Smith were charged with murder and other offenses after being indicted in January. Johnson insists that he has nothing to say, saying, "No statement, got to be patient, might make it home before you blink," implying that he will not cooperate with the investigation.

These are nasty comments as Young Dolph's family, friends, and fans absorb his death and seek explanations.

According to Wreg News who spoke with rappers PaperRoute Woo and Snupe Bandz, both members of Young Dolph's Paper Route Empire, about Johnson's song.

"It  seem like somebody giving up some statements." It can’t be no statements. Somebody constantly getting pulled in so somebody giving some ideas up,” stated PaperRoute Woo.

"They just rapping about somebody talking in real life," Snupe Bandz explained. "It's crazy, but I don't be thinking about it like I be trying to zone it out."

The track "No Statements" was released under a week after Johnson requested a transfer out of 201 Poplar from a judge due to safety concerns. It was previously reported that he was assaulted in jail.