Lil Gotit Calls Out 6ix9ine After Disrespecting Lil Keed Over Gunna’s Snitching Allegations - WhatsOnRap

Lil GotIt responds to 6ix9ine after invoking Lil Keed name in calling Gunna a snitch

Since taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case, 6ix9ine has been relentlessly taunting Gunna, but his weaponization of Lil Keed's murder is a step too far for some.

This week, the Brooklyn rapper proceeded to mock Gunna and the rest of YSL by unearthing what he claims was Keed's final Instagram Story before his May 2022 death, in which he emphasized that YSL is a "family" and a "label," not a "gang" or a "criminal organization," as authorities have alleged.

"Ya dead mans last post on IG @gunna if he was alive he be disappointed to the Yes Mam," 6ix9ine captioned the picture, referring to the DS4Ever rapper's replies to the judge's queries concerning YSL's behavior during his guilty plea last week.

Gunna got later released from custody after his five-year prison term was modified to time served. The rapper's remaining sentence was suspended, and he will perform 500 hours of community service.

Keed's brother and collaborator, Lil GotIt, was irritated by 6ix9ine's use of the late YSL rapper for clout and took aim at the rainbow-haired figure on social media on Monday (December 19).

“Ay, keep that shit toward Gunna,” he demanded in a video posted to his Instagram Stories. “Don’t put my brother name in shit. You tripping. I don’t give a fuck about none of what y’all got going on. I’ma tell ya, I ain’t playing on my brother. I don’t care about security, we can get down with a n-gga, on my momma.”

"N-ggas gone respect my brada boy that's all I know I'm standing on that ion give af rat or not I'll beat yo ass my bout my brada foo," he stated in another Instagram Story.

On May 13, Lil Keed  died unexpectedly at the age of 24. At the time, the cause of death remained unknown, leading to conjecture about the circumstances of his demise. According to one source, the rapper suffered from significant stomach discomfort in the days leading up to his death, which some attribute to his former drug and alcohol use.

Michelle Woods, Keed's mother, clarified her son's death earlier this month, confirming that he died of natural causes.