Chrisean Rock Admits She Had Three Abortions: ‘IF I HAVE A BABY, I’M KEEPING IT THIS TIME’ - WhatsOnRap

Chrisean Rock admits she had 3 abortions, and reveals that the next time she gets pregnant, she's going to keep the baby.

Reports come out again about Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship,and its getting more toxic. If you like them or not, they've been all over the news this year. Rock just disclosed some additional facts about the relationship, adding to the tension.

She admits to having three abortions with the "Bleed It" rapper during an interview on the Know For Sure podcast. The television star claims that each time she's been pregnant with his child, it hasn't seemed like the proper moment.

“If I have a baby, I’m keeping it this time. I killed like, three of them. You know you always have that bad feeling, like, this [is] not right,” “I wouldn’t mind if it was right now,”

She admits. When the hosts request her if the time is right, she appears to stumble over her words. before reversing and stating that she needs a ring before having children with the L.A. resident.

The pair supposedly had an on-again, off-again romance for several years. Her career in show business began in 2020, when she appeared in Blueface's contentious reality program, Blue Girl's Club. Despite the fact that it is forbidden to blend work and pleasure, the 25-year-old went on to sign her to his record company, Blueface LLC.