Charleston White Make Fun Of Gunna With New Freestyle - WhatsOnRap

Charleston White spits a “Gunna Freestyle” after he was recently released from jail‼️

After Gunna's release from jail Charleston White has dropped some further shade in his direction, this time taking the shape of a freestyle.

This Monday, the comedian uploaded a new video on social media in which he throws a freestyle referencing Gunna's release.

White donned a necklace with a circular pendant in the video and bopped from side to side as if rapping. In his impromptu freestyle, White inverted Gunna's name and the term "going to" to emphasize how he feels he is the sort of person who will snitch on anyone.

"I'm the type that's Gunna tell/ I heard they just let Gunna out of jail/ I'm Gunna tell, I'm the type that's Gunna tell/ I'm Gunna tell, I'm the type that's Gunna tell it, Gunna tell it," White raps in the video.

White might not have been speaking for the first time about Gunna's circumstances. Charleston White posted a video a few days after the rapper was released stating how delighted he is that Gunna reportedly snitched on Young Thug in exchange for his freedom.

“I’m glad he got out by telling,” White said in the video. “I think that was smart Gunna. I’m a Gunna fan now. I’m a God damn Gunna fan now boy. That’s all you’re going to hear on the fucking CD is Gunna Gunna Gunna. I’m Gunna tell.”

Gunna the rapper pled guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge at a virtual hearing last Thursday, securing his release hours later.

Gunna was sentenced to five years in jail, with one year already served. The remaining four-year sentence will apparently be "suspended," with Gunna serving the remainder through 500 hours of community service.