Kim Kardashian Tears Up While Explaining Co-Parenting With Kanye West - WhatsOnRap

Kim Kardashian cries talking about co-parenting with Kanye West, she's worried about how people's opinions on his actions can effect their kids

Since the Skims CEO filed for divorce in February 2021, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been co-parenting their four children.

On Monday (December 26), the tv star appeared on Angie Martinez's IRL Podcast, where she became emotional while discussing the difficulties of co-parenting with one of the world's most outspoken superstars, the controversial Yeezy.

"It's hard," Kim K confessed. "Co-parenting is really hard." Kim also thought back to her relationship with her late father, Robert Kardashian: 

"I had the best dad, and I had the best memories and the greatest experience, and that's what I want for my kids as long as they can have that, that's what I would want for them," the beauty star said of her late father, Robert Kardashian.

Kim stated that she has done her best to shield her children from what is being said about Kanye's recent antics and the outrage over his antisemitic remarks, which has resulted in the loss of nearly all of his business partnerships.

However, when her children request their father's music in the car, she will gladly agree and sing along to his collection of stadium songs.

“If they don’t know the things that are being said or what’s happening in the world, why would I ever bring that energy to them?” she said. “That’s really heavy grown-up shit that they’re not ready to deal with. That they are not ready to deal with and when they are, we’ll have those conversations.

“I’ll be so prepared. But until then I’ll do anything to keep their life as normal as possible. One day my kids will thank me for sitting here and not bashing their dad when I could. All the crazy shit. They’ll thank me and I’ll privately answer anything that they want to know. It’s not my place anymore to jump in.”