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NBA YoungBoy Appears Respond To Gunna Snitching Allegations

NBA YoungBoy has responded to snitching accusations concerning Gunna's recent plea deal.

YoungBoy debuted the second edition of his weekly Amazon radio show, Never Broke Again Radio, on Friday (Dec. 16). Top began last week's episode by stating unequivocally that he does not want anyone calling in to inquire about snitching allegations. Although he did not name Gunna, it was clear that YB was referring to the recent situation in which Gunna accepted a plea deal in YSL's RICO case and was released from jail.

"Man, don't call me... Don't call me asking me about what I think about another n***a's situation," he started. "Or what the fuck... Or do I think another n***a snitching. I honestly do not give one fuck. I ain't got nothing to do with that shit. That shit... It ain't my business. I don't care. So leave me out that shit. Don't ask me 'bout another n***a business, man. What you think about it, bitch?"

As previously stated, this is most likely in response to recent snitching allegations involving Gunna's decision to take a plea deal in YSL's ongoing RICO case.

Following the news that Gunna would be released from jail after accepting a plea deal in the form of an Alford plea, Gunna issued a statement. An Alford plea is intended for defendants who accept that the State has enough evidence to convict them but do not acknowledge guilt to any crime.