NBA YOUNGBOY Listed Yeat As One Of His Top 5 Rappers - WhatsOnRap

NBA YoungBoy has revealed his Top 5 rappers right now:   1. Yeat 2. Young Thug 3. French Montana 4. Shy Glizzy 5. Soulja Slim 

Among the most popular rappers currently, NBA Youngboy, has shared his individual Top 5 Rapper List. NBA Youngboy made the announcement on the latest episode of his own Radio talk show, which airs on Amazon's AMP platform.

Upon that third edition of his "Never Broke Again Radio" show, the rapper was asked to choose his Top Five Rappers, to which he told:

“My Top 5 Rappers .. I’ll say Yeat , I’ll say (Young) Thug, I’ll say French Montana… Glizzy i will say Shy Glizzy, the last one I’ll put (Soulja) Slim”

NBA Youngboy hasn't only worked with the previously stated Rappers, in addition to New Orleans Rapper Soulja Slim, who died in 2003.

NBA Youngboy made an appearance on French Montana's album "CB5" track "So Real" last year. Youngboy hired Shy Glizzy on the single "Hard" from his surprise mixtape "3800 Degrees" published earlier this year, and he invited Cali-based viral Rapper Yeat on the song "I Don't Text Back" from another album released in 2022 titled "Hey Ma' I Got A Family" released in 2022. Unlike YSL's Young Thug, NBA Youngboy has many leaked songs/snippets that have yet to be published.

NBA Youngboy recently released 10 projects, the most recent of which, "Lost Files," a compilation of the 24-year-old Rapper's unreleased songs, was published this Friday. Youngboy later quickly followed the project's release with "No Sleep," a new single and music video.