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Quando Rondo Calls Out YouTuber Who Pranks Him With Fake Diamond Test 

Quando Rondo was frustrated when a YouTuber attempted to prank him with a fake diamond tester through a social media video. DatBoyQ, a YouTuber, attempted to persuade the Georgia rapper that his jewelry was not genuine in the video.

Rondo becomes disturbed as the results continue to be negative. "Man, lil' bruh, quit playing with me, man," he said at first after the results were delivered.

Quando then brought the YouTuber and his team to Crescent Jewelers for a second assessment. His jewelry is proven to be genuine there.

“Where your diamond tester at? They trolling me with they little fake diamond tester. I don’t know what they got going on,” Quando Rondo told the jeweler. “I ain’t gon’ lie, I don’t even know y’all boys. Y’all got that fake-ass diamond tester and shit. Lil’ bruh, y’all playing, n****s gets murked like that. And get laughed at, ‘Ah ha, he dead.'”

The accident occur less than a month after Rondo released a mixtape with NBA YoungBoy, 3860. Lul Timm makes a single appearance on the project. It was YoungBoy's seventh project of a hectic 2022, but Rondo's first. YoungBoy acknowledged on Never Broke Again Radio that Rondo is a better rapper than him when discussing the tape.