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Soulja Boy goes off on NBA YoungBoy over nail polish & "Stop The Violence" movement
Soulja Boy is once more attacked NBA YoungBoy, this time for his "Stop the Violence" movement and penchant for wearing nail polish.

On Thursday (December 29), Big Draco fueled his long-simmering feud with the Baton Rouge rap star on Instagram Live, firing a series of subliminal shots in YoungBoy's direction.

Soulja Boy went off on an unnamed rapper who paints his nails, dubbing him and others like him "gay" while claiming to be "one of the few straight rappers in the game."

“You gon’ die, n-gga. Fuck you talking ’bout, n-gga?” he said. “We not painting our nails, n-gga. We standin’ on business. I’m one of the last straight rappers in the game, n-gga. Everybody gay, n-gga.”

The  rapper, however still appeared to take issue with NBA YoungBoy's "Stop the Violence" message, that he's promoting in recent works and social media posts, by letting his rival know that his M.O. is quite the opposite.

“We promoting beef, we promoting violence, we not painting our finger nails, n-gga. Fuck you talking ’bout?” he added. “Y’all can be brainwashed if y’all want to, n-gga. I’m a head shot a n-gga.

“ARPs, Dracos, Five-sevens, Glocks, hollow tips, switches. Fuck you talking ’bout, n-gga? I’m promoting the violence, n-gga. If you don’t like it, fuck you! Y’all n-ggas too soft.”

YoungBoy appeared to respond a few days later during his own Instagram Live, saying, "Everybody wants to talk about my nails. I done fucked them up, huh I? Everybody wants to play with the Slime, but it's all good."

“You know I’m a big troll, as long as I ain’t no bitch troll. You can talk about my nails all you want, bitch. I know somebody who wish they could paint they nails right now,” he added. “So mama, how do you think I should go about this because you hurt my feelings, I ain’t never do none of y’all anything.”

Soulja Boy then blamed YoungBoy's fanbase for his hatred for the rapper. "Nah fuck his fans made me hate that N-gga," he continued. “I don’t like NBA young boy no more[.] blame it on his fans.”