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Tory Lanez jail call to Megan Thee Stallion's ex-friend Kelsey Harris leaks, with Tory heard saying "I'd never did that sh*t if I wasn't that drunk"

Tory Lanez's prison phone conversation to Kelsey Harris has now gone viral. A YouTuber named Nique at Nite posted audio of Tory Lanez's cell call to Megan Thee Stallion's ex-best friend Kelsey Harris, which occurred after the shooting and before Lanez was arrested.

Lanez opens the conversation by asking Kelsey how the situation was at the time, to which she responds, "Megan is still in the hospital. I'm outside the hospital."

Tory then goes on to ask what hospital Megan was being treated at, and Harris seemed hesitant to answer, avoiding the subject many times before finally responding, "Cedar."

Lanez next apologizes for the situation, accusing his actions of being drunk. "Bruh, I know [Megan] is probably never going to talk to me again, but I just want to let you know, bruh, I was just so fuckin' drunk that I don't even know what the fuck was going on."

He goes on: "I ain't even know what the fuck was goin' on, like, deadass. I ain't never do some shit like that. I just... so fuckin' drunk, n***a, I didn't even understand what the fuck was going on. Regardless, though, that's not gonna make anything right, and it's not gonna make my actions right. I'm just deeply sorry, bruh. I never even move like that. I never move like that at all."

Before speaking, Harris lets out a sigh. "I don't know. There's a lot... There's a lot that happened, but... Lanez cuts her off. "A whole lot. I feel like... I feel crazy. But in the state... Like, what happened happened, I can't take it back but I'm just telling you I'm sorry. I think I was just too drunk. When I got to the house, I assure you, all the top n****s, they gave me like five shots off the door. I was outta there."

He subsequently acknowledges that he has forgotten what the eventual dispute involving Megan, Harris, and himself was about. Tory Lanez's prison phone conversation to Kelsey Harris has now gone viral. "I don't even remember what we was even arguing about." Harris jumps in, "Yeah, I don't... I was already fucked up by the time you got there."

Lanez then asks Megan's hospital for the third time at random. Harris responds by saying she already told him but then repeating "Cedar Medical."

Lanez changes the subject once more, begging Harris to contact his security so that they can find out how to bail him out of jail. She responds that there are mutually concerned persons engaged who want him released from jail in order to prevent the spread of the story. She indicates Megan's staff is already attempting to calm things down.

Lanez goes on to say that he believes Megan will be unaffected by the issue and that it will all come back on him.He then closes the discussion by adding,  "Regardless if I get out of here today or not bro, I just want to let y'all know I'm sorry. I'd never did that shit if I wasn't that drunk."