YFN Lucci Reportedly Named As Witness In Young Thug Case - WhatsOnRap

Attorney confirms that YFNLucci is on the witness list for Young Thug’s RICO trial and may be called to testify against him‼️

YFN Lucci and Young Thug's feud was well substantiated on social media and in lyrics. The two Georgia rappers were appreciating their freedom at the time, but they both got into trouble with the law. Lucci was arrested on murder and racketeering charges, but he was reportedly stabbed in jail. It was later suggested that Thugger was responsible after he was arrested in the YSL RICO case.

While Young Thug continues to deny any involvement in the alleged offenses, others charged in the RICO indictment have agreed to plea bargains. This week, the seventh person to apparently agree to a plea agreement was announced. Gunna spent the holidays with his family after pleading guilty to a racketeering charge.

However, the District Attorney has emphasized that he is not necessarily pursuing the two dozen accused YSL associates. Authorities have designated Thug as the leader of YSL as a criminal organization, according to sources.

There have been discussions of utilizing his lyrics against him during his trial. Of course, this includes Young Thug and Juice WRLD's duet "Bad Boy."