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Young Thug’s sister reveals the meaning of his stage name

Young Thug's sister has claimed that the rapper's stage name is an abbreviation for something bigger. His sister HiDoraah, a hip-hop artist, announced on Twitter earlier this week that her famous brother's name might not be what fans assume.

HiDoraah, who took a shine to his fans, explains why her brother adopted the stage name Young Thug. "Thug = Truly. Humble. Under. God," Doraah recently tweeted. "Young Truly Humble Under God.

 "Young Thug," she says, without more explanation. To bystanders, she appears to be just expressing her support for her brother, who was recently embroiled in a high-profile RICO case in Georgia.

While followers still slammed the disturbing social media post with questions, HiDoraah posted to her Instagram Story, revealing how the rapper Young Thug, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, came up with the strong acronym. "For those who never knew why he named himself that [Young Thug] for his stage name," she stated on Instagram Story.