Did Really Blueface & Chrisean Rock Got Married ?

Regardless of their recent controversy, Chrisean Rock appears to have been correct in her marriage prediction. The star has clearly said that she would love for Blueface to propose to her.

In addition, the Baltimore native has stated that she is pregnant and intends to retain the kid. Initially, her co-star disputed paternity, accusing her of having had sexual relations with several other men in recent months.

Blueface announced on his birthday last weekend that both he and Chrisean were done for good. She has since battled two other ladies at his birthday party, purchased a congratulatory cake for him, and recorded a collaboration track with him.

They also spoke on Jason Lee's new Revolt podcast about a variety of issues. In that interview, the "Thotiana" singer admitted to the presenter that he doesn't "believe in marriage," but he still adores his girlfriend. In response, Rock joked, “Can you be quiet and just go along? If I give him 3 billion dollars, he gon’ marry me.”

Pictures on the internet show the pregnant mother wearing a stunning white gown. Blueface wore a white suit instead of the traditional black tux. DDG was only one of the couple's renowned guests during the wedding.

While others believe the marriage is all for show, a member of BF's team reportedly assured the magazine that it was legal. “The wedding was for [Blueface] video but it’s legal. They signed paperwork and everything. It’s legal.”

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