Leaked Video Shows Rapper Julio Foolio Singing Rod Wave In An Interrogation Room - WhatsOnRap

Foolio singing rod wave song “dark clouds” in a interrogation room and speaks on rappers snitchers but says he would never fold no matter what

Footage of rapper Julio Foolio singing Rod Wave in an interrogation room has been leaked, and it is causing quite a controversy on the world wide web. 

The video, which was shared on social media, reveals the rapper in an interrogation room, holding a water bottle and performing a famous Rod Wave song.

Millions of people have watched the clip, and it has been extensively shared on social media. Major news sites have also covered it, with many applauding the rapper's talent and expressing surprise at the video Fans of the song have been eager to hear the rapper's take on it, as well as the release of a response video.

Others have claimed that the rapper's rights were violated because he was being detained in an interrogation room.