DJ Akademiks Take Egg To The Face During Livestream - WhatsOnRap

A woman hit Akademiks with an egg during a recent live stream.

Although if Akademiks falls asleep, there's never a quiet moment on his stream. Despite the fact that Ak usually only has guests calling in during his streams, he wasn't alone on a previous one.

During the stream, while Akademiks reviewed the latest developments in the FBG Duck murder investigation, a lady, whom many suspects is his girlfriend, began flinging objects at him. At one point, Akademiks is hit in the face with a Red Bull can. 

The lady then grabs a raw egg and smashes it in Ak's face, adding to the tension. Surprisingly, no one noticed right away, yet Ak was left speechless.

Away from the current egging, Akademiks and Blueface reportedly persisted to attack each other with bullets. 

Following public disagreements between Blueface and Chrisean Rock, Akademiks and Blue started to trash one other's rap careers and money. It eventually came to a head, and Blueface recommended they enter the ring to resolve their disputes.

“Fight the 10 Ni***as who piped ya girl out + the the girl who keep beating ur ass and IM100% down Nigga. MMA shit,” Akademiks wrote. “Imma buy ur foreclosure house and kick u and ur child and the mother of ur child out and the 10 niggas she done f*cked!!!!! ”