Bobby Shmurda Calls Out Snitches On New 'Rats' Diss - WhatsOnRap

Bobby Shmurda is calling out Gunna and calls him a “snitch” and a “rat” for taking a plea deal in the ongoing YSL RICO trial.

Bobby Shmurda released his earlier teased track "Rats" on Friday, which shows him pointing the finger at snitches throughout the Young Thug-YSL RICO trial.

“Heard you snitchin’ on all of your friends / Took a plea deal, left the streets real, but left your dawg in that pen, ni**a / That pain don’t ever end,” he raps over the drill beat.

The Brooklyn rapper makes it clear that he has no sympathy for those who cooperate with the feds, adding, “Man, all y’all ni**as switched / It’s lit, man, f**k all y’all rap ni**as / Most of y’all some rat ni**as / All y’all chit chat, ni**a.”

The track's duration is no random occurrence. Gunna and Thug's brother Unfoonk are the eight accused persons who have agreed to plea bargains in the YSL case, which has sparked outrage in the hip-hop community.

Shmurda reportedly accepted a plea bargain for murder plot charges in order for Rowdy Rebel to do less time in prison. After nearly seven years in jail, he was freed in February 2021.