Julia Fox Hints That Drake Was Her Best Celebrity Date: 'Private Jet, Chanel Bags - WhatsOnRap

Julia Fox says that Drake was her best celebrity date claiming they flew on a private jet, cuddled, and bought Chanel bags after

Julia Fox, The Uncut Gems celebrity was questioned to share her "best celebrity date" on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday.

"I flew on a private jet, cuddled on the jet, landed, and got some Chanel bags. "It was great," she said. Once Andy Cohen, the show's host, asked Fox to reveal the celebrity's identity, she remained tight-lipped. "I really can't say, but it was obviously an A-lister," she teased.

However, on the "Watch What Happens Live! After Show," Cohen inquired as to whether the mystery man was Drake. The actress stopped before nervously laughing. "Maybe," she responded.  “Shouldn’t have given me that shot.”

Fox allegedly had such a "hot-and-heavy secret romance" with the "Rich Flex" rap star after he texted her on Instagram to congratulate her on her role in Adam Sandler's 2019 comedy. According to Page Six, she ended up staying at Drake's Toronto house and received two Birkin bags as a present.

It's not the first time Fox has spoken about her purported relationship with the 6 God. “He’s a great guy and a gentleman…and that was it,” she said during a February 2022 episode of her “Forbidden Fruits” podcast. “Nothing really happened, we were just, like, friends hanging out. I wouldn’t say that we were dating.”