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Kanye West seen throwing a woman’s phone for recording him. She has since filed a police report against him.

Kanye West is in real trouble following a heated confrontation with a woman and threw her phone on the street when she refused to stop filming him.

Kanye West has been identified as a suspect in a battery investigation involving cops from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department in California, according to a TMZ story published on Friday (Jan. 27). 

This comes after Ye got into an argument with a woman on his way to his children's basketball game. The altercation was videotaped.

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Kanye addressed the woman and confronted her for recording him and violating his privacy in the video. "Ya'll ain't  gonna run up on me," he said as she continued to record him with her phone. After exchanging a few more words, the Chicago rapper-producer snatched her phone and tossed it onto the street. Kanye then approached another individual and requested that he turn off his camera. The man complied and put down his camera.

It's unknown whether the lady in the video reported Kanye to the police. Police were summoned to the site about 4:30 p.m. and were given video proof of the event. The brawl appears to have occurred near a sports complex where North West was set to play a game basketball game.

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