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Blueface Reacts After Chris Brown Mentions Chrisean Rock: “You Beat Up The Wrong B*tch” - WhatsOnRap

Blueface tells Chris Brown to "stand on it" after the singer responded ... Chris Brown Mentions Chrisean Rock: “You Beat Up The Wrong B*tch”.

Chris Brown has responded to critics upon fans flocked to Chloe Bailey about there upcoming collaboration. His history of domestic violence prompted criticism of Chloe, however it was Chris Brown who replied. 

Chris Brown has spent the last few hours attacking Kiely Williams, one of those who opposed him. He did, however, use celebrities like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen as examples of people whose careers flourished despite allegations of domestic abuse.

Furthermore to Sheen and Gibson, Chris Brown mentioned how so many people have been following Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship. The Crazy In Love stars' marital problems have spilled into the public eye, including physical assaults on one another.

“You weird ass n***as are the same ones ghat tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the f*ck out each other in front of the world,”  In answer to Kiely Williams, he wrote.

Blueface quickly slammed Chris Brown's remarks, but first he released a viral video of 50 Cent reacting to Floyd Mayweather calling out him, T.I., and Nelly. After Chris Brown's comments, Blueface remained calm and composed. 

Nonetheless, he said that their situations are not at all comparable. “I understand the frustration fool for me being in the situation. I ain’t even gonna trip on you because the message you’re trying to send is way off,” he said. “The bitch hit me, it’s funny. I hit her back, it’s fuck Blueface… but you gotta play the cards that you were dealt.”

Chris Brown, according to Blueface, is trying to shift guilt without retaining himself accountable. "The only thing I disagree with is you posting all these random white people, and me and the bitch, and trying to distract from your thing. You have to stand on it, cuh. "If you beat up the bitch, you beat up the bitch," he said. Blueface concluded by saying that Chris Brown "beat up the wrong b*tch." 

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