Drake says Lil Wayne Thought His Name Was “Drizzy Drake Rogers” Because Of His Email Address - WhatsOnRap

Drake went on to tell Yachty Lil Wayne thought his name was “Drizzy Drake Rogers,”

The Atlanta rapper bring out Drake on the very first episode of Lil Yachty's A Moody Conversation interview series, in which the two discussed some many Canadian legacy memories, such as the time Lil Wayne didn't realize Drake's real name was when he rapped Drake's email address on one of their first collaborations.

Drake and Lil Wayne collaborated on "Ransom," a densely sung lyric-fest in which both rappers go at it for extended lines, in 2008. In the second half of Wayne's lyric, he refers to Drake as "Drizzy Drake Rogers," mistaking "Rogers" for his last name rather than his email provider.

“And I think his name was kinda like ‘Drake Drizzy Rogers’ / Or ‘Drizzy Drake Rogers,’ I’m too busy to play father,” Wayne rapped.

During the conversation, Yachty questioned Drake if anyone still refer to him as "Drake Drizzy Rogers," an obvious reference to the song "Ransom" from 15 years ago.

Drake then inquired of Yachty as to the origin of the moniker. “My email was drizzydrake@rogers.com, Rogers was the service provider in Canada and [Wayne] didn’t realize the ‘at’ in the email was like a middle interference,” Drake explained. "He just thought my name was Drizzy Drake Rogers. I mean he rapped it once, I just didn’t have the heart to correct him.”

The rappers began to talk also about childhoods, nature versus nurture, and accents through the interview.

“Our accents [...] we probably all sound foreign to you being from Toronto because of just a place that we’re from,” Drake explained. “I don’t know who started talking like that! I’d love to meet that guy. I literally want to meet the first Toronto man of all time. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know where he got the accent from or any of that but I know that he’s influenced all of us. I’m a full father talking like internet memes because that’s just my upbringing.”

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