Iggy Azalea Opens Up About Her Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Playboi Carti - WhatsOnRap


The rap artist and OnlyFans star spoke out over her "volatile relationship" with her ex-boyfriend and child's father Playboi Carti during an interview with Emily Ratajkowski's "High Low with EmRata" podcast.

Iggy says that she split up with the "Magnolia" rapper three weeks after their son Onyx was born in the summer of 2020. She departed for Los Angeles the next day after a disagreement.

“I had something happen one day with my son’s father and me and it was just like one of those moments where you’re just like, I didn’t wake up thinking this is what my day would be,” she recalls, “but by the end of the day, I was on a plane to Los Angeles and I never went back. And that was the end of it.”

“Don’t get me wrong. We had a volatile relationship and you know that, you’re not an idiot. You know when something’s not working,” she continued. “I knew it wasn’t working, but I also just had a baby, it was COVID. There were a lot of things to navigate for me at that time and I didn’t think I’d be leaving when I left.”

Iggy claims her family had a "volatile relationship," something she did not desire for her kids. “In that moment that I had on that day, I was like, ‘I will never let my son see this because I don’t want him to see someone talk to me this way, ’cause I don’t want him to ever learn this, I don’t want him to be exposed to this.'”

She opted to leave to end what she terms a "toxic cycle" for the sake of her children.

“I decided in that moment, I have to be more accountable for myself into what I’m doing with my child and even if there are days where I wanna go back to this… I just never would do it. I will never do it. I’m leaving.”

She previously reacted to her ex's incarceration for choking his pregnant girlfriend. "been there. done that. I warned you." She used Twitter.

“Imagine having a pregnant girlfriend and pretending they don’t exist until it comes out you like to abuse them too – & rarely visiting your actual son unless is because you’re running from whatever problems ya got going on in Atlanta & the press with your serial abuse of woman.”

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