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Kodak Black really asked the Judge for a Jolly Rancher during court

After allegedly testing positive for Fentanyl a few weeks ago, Kodak Black will join a drug rehab center. Kodak Black showed up at court on Tuesday (Feb. 28) after a warrant was granted for his arrest last week.

According to officers, Kodak failed to submit to a random drug test on February 3. He did, however, provide a sample during a screening on February 8 that allegedly tested positive for Fentanyl. 

Yak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, claimed at the hearing on Tuesday that there is a chance that the starstruck lab technician who processed the sample jumbled up Kodak's urine sample while simultaneously working on someone else's. The lab worker even testified in court that this may have been the case.

Rather than detaining Kodak for breaking his pre-trial release, the court sentenced the rapper to 30 days in a rehabilitation center. The defense made the point that Kodak's rehab enrollment should begin next Tuesday (March 7), allowing him to perform at his previously scheduled show this weekend at the 2023 Rolling Loud California Festival. He intends to contribute a percentage of his concert revenues to charity.

Bradford Cohen took to Instagram after the court appearance to remark on the reporting and conclusion of Kodak Black's hearing.

"Of course, channel 10 got it wrong," he captioned a picture of himself and Kodak exiting the courtroom. "No one refused a Hair sample. Pretrial does not provide Hair sample services," He added in response to Local 10 News' report that Kodak refused to provide a hair sample in court on Tuesday.

"But I am glad @kodakblack will get an opportunity to take a break from his hectic schedule and focus on his physical health,"

He went on to mention Yak's future trip in rehab. "Great kid, great philanthropist and as usual a portion of his Rolling Loud pay check will go to the Meadow Pollack scholarship fund at Nova Southeastern Law School, that he set up last year. @local10news You often see news reports that aren't accurate because they want those subscribers, and won't report on the good in the community and the good Kodak does there as well. Doesn't make for a good story."

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