Kodak Black Says He Wont Collab With Drake After He Made ‘Her Loss’ With 21 Savage - WhatsOnRap

Kodak Black says he doesn’t want to collab with Drake because they were supposed to release an album before “Her Loss”

Kodak Black apparently don't want to work with Drake after the Toronto rapper teamed up with 21 Savage for their joint effort Her Loss in 2022.

“I had told Drake I don’t wanna do no collab,”  Kodak revealed on a recent livestream.“No songs or no album. ‘Cause we supposed to done did a whole album before him a lil’ buddy.” 

The term "Lil' Buddy" refers to 21 Savage, who feuded with Kodak last year after boasting he'd "smoke" the Florida rapper in a Verzuz duel.

“Before him and lil’ buddy did that shit,” Kodak continued. “I had told him I wanted to wait [until] like, 2023. Like, after February.”

This summer, during enjoying his Kodak Black Day music event, Kodak indicated to a possible collaboration with Drake.

“Me and Drake, we got some more music,” Kodak said. “It’s really on like whenever bruh might feel like he ready and stuff. They be like, ‘Is we gon’ drop the album? We gon’ do this?’ It’s really on him. We got a lot of songs though.”

Kodak started hinting a Drizzy collab album in January 2020, when the Pompano Beach rapper suggested joining up for a collaborative effort in Drake's Instagram comments, writing,

 “I Am Your Biggest Fan Sir. … If We Can’t Do A Whole Album Together, I Never Want To Do A Song With You Sir.”

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