Tony Yayo Expresses How 50 Cent and Other Rappers Have Been "Damaged" - WhatsOnRap

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Yayo explained how 50 Cent and many other rappers are damaged by their tough lives. Advertisement.

Tony Yayo recently stated that 50 Cent is one of several damaged rappers now working in the industry. While many look to the New York rapper for his unique perspectives and experiences. 

He recently opened up on the difficulties that many rappers encounter. During an interview, DJ Vlad discussed how artists from the streets face an uphill struggle. Yayo also referenced the rapper "In Da Club" as an example.

“Listen [50] didn’t know who his father was, and his moms was in the streets, and she got killed,” he remarked. “There’s no parents there, your grandparents are older, you’re damaged, bro. You was outside, the streets taught n***as. A lot of shootings you see… You see an 18-year-old kid stab his 16-year-old girlfriend somewhere in New York because he thought she was cheating. “It’s what they see from parents,” 

He continued. “It’s f***ed up for certain places. Sometimes, you want to help and try to fix people, your mans say he do s**t for the youth. That’s real s**t. ‘Cause that’s where it starts at, trying to help them, but some people can’t be helped. They just f***in’ bad seeds, bruh.”

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In a previous interview with VladTV, he did mention a slimmer story about 50 spitting his 1st verse. “‘Son said he was from O.T., sold ‘leven at O.Z.,’” he continued rapping. “‘His man brought him to me, but he ain’t really know B. Said it was time, dude was a cop, he was just trying to pop to put the new beams on the drop.’ That’s all I remember. But that rhyme to me was like, that’s when I was like, “Nah.” He had other s**t, but that was in my man’s basement… and I was just like ‘Yo, this n***a’s getting better by the minute.”