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6ix9ine gets a can of beer thrown at him at the World Baseball Classic

At the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals game involving Mexico and Puerto Rico, 6ix9ine was almost struck with a beer can. 

Furthermore, on Friday night, the controversial rapper waved the Mexican flag at fans in the stands at LoanDepot Park in Miami, Florida (March 17). There were apparently a lot of Puerto Rican fans in those stands, and they didn't like his displays. Aram Leighton, a baseball reporter, tweeted a video of a beer can flying right by the provocateur's face. 

However, officials apparently transferred him to another place to avoid further confrontations and more discarded beer cans.

Despite the interruption, the artist achieved his desire. When Puerto Rico scored four runs in the first inning, Mexico held on to win the game 5 to 4. 

Also, this is the first time in Mexico's history that they have reached the World Baseball Classic semifinals. Mexico will then face Japan in what could be another thrilling game of baseball. From then, the team could achieve levels of achievement never witnessed previously by its members.

Apparently, 6ix9ine is of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin. As a result, it appears that he was going to win anyhow, therefore his decision to support Mexico is puzzling. 

Nonetheless, the rapper is renowned for causing problems wherever he travels, whether on purpose or by accident. In addition, siding with Mexico may represent his feud with Puerto Rican reggaetón singer and rapper Anuel AA. Readers may recall that Tekashi was recently involved in an argument with Anuel's brother.

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