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DJ Akademiks Calls Out J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, & Drake for Avoiding Hip Hop Media

DJ Akademiks is returning with criticism on a selection of Rap's major hitters. He's not one to spare things, and it appears like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake are in his sights this time. 

Cole's recent personal interview with Bob Myers has contributed to the focus of sports and Hip Hop, so it's not unexpected that Ak had some thoughts on the conversation. 

Akademiks wasn't a fan of the style since he feels K-Dot, Cole World, and Drizzy purposefully shun certain channels.

“J. Cole and the rest of y’all big rappers,” Ak began. “No wonder y’all get sh*tted on by Hip Hop outlets. Y’all get so big in the game—they use the culture, and they use all these blogs. Not saying you need to—I don’t care if they do an interview with me. But I know a lot of journalists in the game, and they won’t speak up. And a lot of them still really hope to get an interview. I say f*ck all these n*ggas.”

“I just look at n*ggas, like J. Cole. When I see you doing some sh*t on ESPN but you won’t do an interview with a n*gga in the culture, you won’t hop on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, you won’t hop on motherf*cking Drink Champs. You won’t be with Joe Budden or something like that. I look at it as some weird sh*t.” 

Akademiks went on to say that he was "speaking for all the small journalists in the game." He also claimed that many rappers are unwilling to meet with these outlets because they cannot control the narrative.
Because of his unusual industry links, Akademiks is frequently subjected to this. He's been chastised for the way he reports on culture, yet his site is still growing in popularity. “If Kendrick don’t wanna f*ck with you, tell that n*gga to kick rocks,”