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Charleston White has a message for Boosie and the Black community celebrating 6ix9ine getting jumped

Charleston White is among the celebrities that reacted to 6ix9ine's beating in a LA Fitness toilet. He took a much more detached attitude, criticizing those who applauded the attack. 

Obviously, media debating platforms and some of the culture's most prolific pundits differ on whether he earned it. But, in the Wild West of social media, it's fair to assume that the event was regarded more lightly than previous crime stories. 

As a result, the former gang leader turned Internet celebrity had some words for anyone making light of the attack.

“Listen, I wanna tell all the black people that’s celebrating Tekashi 6ix9ine’s a**-whooping, stop celebrating,” he began. “Wait ’til Juneteenth. Wait ’til n***a day, n***a. Celebrate then. ‘Cause them Puerto Ricans got his a**. This is a battle between Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. N***as can’t claim that. So tell Lil Boosie, he didn’t get that a** whooping for the motherf***in’ streets. The streets still haven’t dealt nothin’ to Daniel. They didn’t beat him up, they just slapped him around. N***as who get beat up don’t walk out the door, asking questions.”

Furthermore, he explained that, in the broad scheme of things, Tekashi didn't really get that roughed up. In fact, he requested that the police end their inquiry. 

The actual surprise, though, is that, rather than being more sympathetic, White seemed to imply that he was not receiving the proper vengeance. As a result, his statements suggest that he feels the "GUMMO" artist still owes him money.

Nonetheless, the musician has opted to not keep his security and continue living his life as a civilian. While it is a great and acceptable objective if he wants to live a regular life, it is also optimistic and naïve.

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