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Chrisean Rock Caught Smoking Blunt While Pregnant

Chrisean Rock's pregnancy has been heavily contested, but new footage of her consuming a blunt may make the discussion much more difficult. 

Even so, a video showed her holding a blunt between her fingers while sitting shotgun in a parked car circulated on social media. 

Chrisean turns after rolling the window down and up, pulls the joint next to her face, and presumably smokes despite being pregnant. Blueface sat comfortably in the backseat while they listened to deafening hip-hop in their vehicle, as shown in the video. 

Nevertheless, the video does not directly show Rock raising it to her lips, inhaling, and blowing smoke out, so she may have a chance to deny smoking from it.

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Till now, the TV star had not responded. At the same time, several users shared their worries for her in the comments area. 

The only reason her pregnancy became public was due to Blueface's assertions, therefore many people believed that people shouldn't defend her actions as much and should trust her tale. After all, even more respondents stated it's okay to smoke while pregnant, and they knew others who did.

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