Drake Ticket Prices Spark Class-Action Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster - WhatsOnRap

A class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster has begun after high ticket prices for Drake & 21 Savage concert.

A Canadian law firm has launched a class-action complaint against the ticketing behemoth, arguing that tickets for Drake's forthcoming "It's All a Blur" tour were overpriced. 

According to the Montreal-based legal firm LPC Avocat Inc., Ticketmaster "actively misleads consumers for their own commercial advantage."

According to the lawsuit, a Montreal man paid $789.54 for two "Official Platinum" seats to Drake's event at the Bell Centre on July 14 at the Bell Centre

The following day, a second performance was uploaded to Ticketmaster, with the identical seats purportedly being priced for $350 less.

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According to the lawsuit, Ticketmaster was aware that Drake would add a second Montreal event, but "hided this knowledge" in order to "squeeze out" as much money as possible from people purchasing tickets for the first show.

The class-action complaint seeks "compensatory damages in the aggregate amount of the difference between the prices charged for 'Official Platinum' tickets and what their ordinary price should have been," as well as punitive damages of $300 per consumer.

Drake revealed dates for his first tour in four years with 21 Savage earlier this month. The "It's All a Blur" tour begins on June 16 in New Orleans and ends in Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles before concluding on September 5 in Glendale, Ariz.

As the tickets went on sale last week, people expressed disappointment with the cost. Tickets were listed as little as $69, while some seats were selling for more as $1,000.