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Finesse2Tymes laughs at being blamed for New York show deaths and offers condolences to families of victims

Finesse2Tymes believes he is really being wrongfully accused for the killings that occurred during his event with GloRilla on Sunday (March 5), and he is laughing at the haters while extending condolences to the victims.

On Tuesday (March 7), TMZ spoke to Finesse2Tymes in New York City, where the Memphis rapper was questioned about the tragic occurrence in which two individuals died in a rush after the act concluded. 

"It's cool when they do it. It's a problem when I do it," he said in the video below, quoting lyrics from his single "Back End." "When it go on anywhere else, don't nobody get blamed. When it go on at my show, I get blamed," he continued laughing.

"Sometimes when you winning and you done won so fast...Right now, I'm like a created player on the NBA game or something," he added with a chuckle. "I'm frowned upon. You know how when people get mad when you play with a created player. I'm the created player."

Finesse end up with offering a condolences to the victims. "As far as the situation in New York, condolences to the family and the people who was injured," he said.

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Finesse afterwards stated that he does not expect to face any legal action as a result of the event. Yesterday, the 90 Days rapper revealed on Instagram that he was receiving backlash as a result of the show's outcome (March 6).

"Shyt crazy, wunt even there. Folks want me to lose so bad. Why?" he wrote on his Instagram Story.
Finesse2Tymes Laughs at Being Held Responsible for New York Show Deaths

As mentioned previously, GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes' gig at Rochester's Main Street Armory turned tragic when a stampede broke out about 11 p.m. while attendees were leaving the arena. Three women were at first taken to the hospital in serious condition, with two of them dying as a result of their injuries: Rhondesia Belton, 33, and Brandy Miller, 35. Seven additional persons were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.