G Herbo and Kai Cenat Lose Their Minds While Magicia Does a Crazy Magic Trick on Livestream - WhatsOnRap

G Herbo and kai Cenat shocked after magic trick.

As a magician shattered a glass pitcher and did other unbelievable magic feats directly in front of their eyes, G Herbo and Kai Cenat shook their wits and yelled in excitement.

G Herbo joined prominent Twitch streamer Kai Cenat for a lengthy broadcast on Monday (Feb. 28), which included Herbo showcasing unreleased songs, Kai coaching the rapper how to "become strong," and the rapper even attempting a birth simulator set to its utmost power. 

But, one of the most exciting and entertaining portions of the hours-long live session occurred when a magician performed a series of magic tricks that led both G Herbo and Kai Cenat to have visceral reactions.

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Max Major, an identity illusionist and mind hacker, wasted 50 minutes stunning the minds of G Herbo and Kai Cenat in a video performing hypnosis, ingesting and swallowing shards of glass, and precisely anticipating what Herbo Googled without ever seeing the Chicago rapper's phone.

Yet, of all of the other jaw-dropping illusions Max Major had up his sleeve for Herbo and Kai, one in specific left the duo shouting in wonder. Kai Cenat approached the magician with the same huge glass pitcher from which Major earlier poured himself a drink of water to wash down the broken fragments of a chewed lightbulb around the 26:00 mark in the movie.

Max Major hovers his hands over the pitcher as Kai faithfully holds it out, with G Herbo and the famous online celebrity watching with bated breath. The thick glass of the pitcher explodes in Cenat's hands in a couple of seconds, resulting in complete chaos.

During the unbelievable act, everyone in the room starts yelling "What the fuck?" repeatedly before G Herbo finally hugs Kai Cenat in sheer shock at what they had just witnessed.

"What did this nigga just do, gang?" cried G Herbo as he clutches Kai Cenat's arms. "What the fuck he just do? Get this nigga the fuck out this office."