Ice Spice Gets Her Chain Snatched, Based On a Man Taunting Her In A Video - WhatsOnRap

'Stolen' Ice Spice Queen Chain Was Reportedly Just A TikTok Hoax (VIDEO)

A man claims to have stolen Ice Spice's chain. Footage of a group dangling a "Queen" chain from the camera lens went viral.

"We got the Ice Spice chain," one of the men claimed.  “Stop playin’ with me. Pull up. Y’all know where we at.”

He then attacked Ice Spice's rapping style, reiterating his earlier statement about her coming to him to get her items back. The video finished with laughing but did not specify the location of the purported incident.

Reactions pumped in instantly, and predictably, the group was called out. People were perplexed – and disgusted – by the men talking about stealing a woman's chain. The public was also divided about the encounter's legitimacy. 

Some took it as genuine, while others thought the suspected robbers were pursuing clout. Even if it was merely a jest, the men are now on the wrong side of Ice Spice devotees.

Also, it was mentioned that Ice Spice had a distinctive chain, and the one in the video was most likely not it. Spice's necklace is a blinged-out, exaggerated representation of her face, and she wears it almost wherever she goes after purchasing it.

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