NLE Choppa Talks About Texting Ice Sipce, Said: “She’s Beautiful” - WhatsOnRap

NLE Chopppa has explained what it was like texting Ice Spice, and said the Bronx-bred rapper was "beautiful," among other things.

His crush on Ice Spice is well known, but NLE Choppa reveals his emotions for the Bronx rapper. Ice Spice is generally acknowledged as Rap's new "it" lady, demonstrating that she is more than a one-hit wonder. 

"Munch" might just have supported her popularity, but Ice Spice keeps growing her fan base upon each release. 

Choppa said that Spice makes his heart pitter-patter, and Jason Lee pressed him on the possibility of a romance. The rapper spoke on The Jason Lee Show and was cryptic about the "In Ha Mood" artiste.

"Do you love Ice Spice from distance?"  Lee inquired in our exclusive clip from the episode of NLE Choppa. It's a fair question, given that he even titled a song after her. The rapper laughed and then said,  "Ice Spice is beautiful."

Lee was curious about Choppa's ideas on why the Like...? "So poppin' right now," says the artist. He admitted that he isn't as familiar with this generation's fandom, but he sees her making waves.  "I mean… you just gotta be marketable nowadays,” 

Choppa responded to the question. Lee then applied some pressure by continuing to inquire about NLE and Ice's flirtations.

Choppa went on to say that he didn't have to slide into Spice's DMs since he had her phone number.  "We talked about music,"  He disclosed. Lee was interested whether any other themes had been explored.  “Nah, just music.”

The rapper was unusually constrained in his responses, which the host noticed. "On every other question, he was boisterous,"

Lee cracked a joke. Nonetheless, he wasn’t letting it go and confronted Choppa about his texts with Spice.

"I don't text her no more," Choppa said while smiling. “She changed her number. So I keep a safe distance. I see she's doing a lot of important things.

The matchmaking efforts to try proceeded, but Choppa was unworried. He appears to be content with where things are, but he stated that if she was interested in a vegan date, he would make the time. Lee went on to say, “I think y’all would make a good couple.”